2006→2009 Factory Five Racing GTM

The idea for the GTM is simple. Design a modern supercar and price it where an ordinary guy can afford. The only catch is that you have to provide your own running gear (GM based) and you have to build it yourself.

After more than three years of engineering and development work, we are ready to introduce the world to our vision of what an American-designed Supercar should be. The GTM is an American V-8 powered, mid-engined car with a composite body shell and an aluminum and steel tube frame chassis. The car uses GM Performance engine and suspension parts with four-corner coil-over shocks, huge brakes and a Porsche 911 Transaxle.

In the Factory Five tradition, the car is first and foremost a high performance car. The GTM is light and aerodynamic, with excellent weight distribution and precise race-car handling/braking derived from the Chevrolet Corvette C-5.

The car is engineered to be built as a chassis kit by a person at home. More than ten years of manufacturing the best engineered, safest, best selling and easiest to build kits in the world has made us uniquely capable of this challenge.

Lastly, no matter how well engineered the car is, and how good it looks, in order to succeed we knew we would have to ensure the car had modern comfort and control. The GTM has a large and quiet cockpit, good visibility and modern temperature controls. Items like A/C, power windows, and complete interior make sure the car isn’t limited to race track duty.

From the first design sketch to the completed production car the team has kept faithful to its charter to deliver a new All-American Supercar design. The GTM is an all-new design for us. It is 100% American designed and proudly made in the USA.

Story by Factory Five Racing

Auction Sales History

2007 Factory Five GTM Supercar - did not sell for $62,000 2008 SEMA car. 1,700 miles. Car is mostly carbon fiber, weighs 2200 lbs. New LS6 Chevy engine. New Porsche heavy duty 5-speed transaxle. New C5 Corvette front suspension. All Porsche racing running gear, clutch, flywheel. Transmission, rear end, etc. Air conditioning, power windows, DVD FM. Full roll cage. Maxaveli signature series chrome wheels. Car outperforms Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari etc.
Auction Source: 2011 Mecum Kissimmee, FL Auction


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