2006 Ferrari 612 Kappa

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS -Pininfarina

Created for Peter Kalikow, Chairman of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Kappa (K) is a specially modified 612 built by the capable hands at Pininfarina. Compared the regular model, this supercar has numerous special features that not only add functionality but give it a more aggressive stance.

Easily the most identifiable trait of the new 612 K is the much more pronounced hood scoop and its tiny accent that reveals an all-aluminum body. Once that catches the viewer's eye, other more subtle features including Enzo-like rear taillights, extra wide air front wheel extractors, a unique sunroof and chromed headlights show just how thorough Pininfarina can be. In fact, the Kappa has been totally rebodied.

Inside, the 612 K has the familiar 612 interior and a new sunroof that offers an increased feeling of space. It uses the same technology found in the 575 SuperAmerica which uses photovoltaic cells to vary the amount of transparency in the glass, ranging from completely clear to opaque.

Some have been critical of Peter's car, claiming that the modifications go too far with intended 2 + 2 nature of the 612. While we agree that the scoop is a little excessive, and probably more suited to the 599 GTB, the rest of car offers a unique perspective on the original design.

We are happy this car exists. It proves you don't need to be the Sultan of Brunei to have your Ferrari officially customized. Hopefully this will open the door for many more specials to come.

Story by Richard Owen for Supercars.net


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