2007 SpadaConcept Codatronca

April 16th, 2007 - SpadaConcept is a new design house based in Moncalieri, Italy. Their first product is the Codatronca you see here. It mixes Corvette performance with a body that fits somewhere between Darth Vader and the Batmobile.

The company's founder, Ercole Spada is renowned for classic Zagato designs such as the Aston Martin DB4 and Alfa Romeo TZ. In fact, his latest car uses a name first applied to a long tail version of the TZ. This truncated (or cut-off) design is called Codatronca. The severed tail is a neat touch and a visual highlight of the body, but severely limits rearward vision and houses a ridiculous digital display to flaunt the vehicle's speed.

Codatronca is based on a Corvette chassis and drive train. SpadaConcept says it's endowed with better handling, aerodynamics and lighter weight. They hope these traits will help bring in orders, as they plan a limited production to be made in conjunction with UK Garage.

Three versions are on offer depending on the car's state of tune: Sport Tourism (TS) has 512hp, which is followed by Fast Sport Tourism (TSV) and Sport Super Tourism (TSS). The TSS package reaches 700hp and 950Nm which you might expect from a highly modified Corvette engine.

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