1998 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Special Series II

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Aston Martin

Following three retro Series Is, the Series II was a custom built series of cars built for the Sultan of Brunei and his brother Prince Jeffri. The first Series was a modern interpretation of the classic 1961 DB4 Zagato, and transformed the V8 Vantage V600 into a two seat supercar. As a fitting continuation, the second series kept the four seat arrangement, but fit the car with a thoroughly modern Zagato body and custom-built interior.

Most likely the body was sketched up by Zagato and executed at the Projects Group in Newport Pagnell. The design retains the classic Aston Martin grill and surrounds it with a muscular lines that make the old 1992 V8 Vantage look dated by comparison. A unique design feature was included around the front and rear taillights from which a crease line extended into the fender. This trademark Zagato cue was later included on the much more official DB7 Zagato.

The cars were built on the V600 platform which was a after market upgrade available to any Aston Martin customers. This increased the power of engine to 600 bhp, upgraded the suspension and added huge brakes with AP Racing 6-piston calipers.

Only three Series II Astons were built and all went directly to Brunei. Our forum member, Basman007 thinks that the chassis for these models are: #70508, #70509 and #70510. A third series was planned which would have been the most dramatic of all, but just after the bodies were made, the Sultan and his brother pulled out of the deal, and the project was scrapped.


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