2001 ASL Garaiya

Above Images ©Autobacs Sports Car Laboratory

Essentially a Japanese kitcar, the Garaiya became famous for its role in Gran Turismo 3. Similar to a Lotus Elise of the period, it used production components in a small, competitive package.

The Garaiya was powered by a Nissan Inline-4 out of the JDM Sentra SE-R. This was positioned a steel space frame with aluminum sheet reinforcements. The available 201 bhp was more than enough for the 794.5 kg (1750 lbs) chassis.

The car was tested in 2003 by John Phillips of Motor Trend who said "the Garaiya is plenty quick, dispatching the quarter-mile, the PR lady swears, in 14 seconds flat. On all other surfaces, it drives like a Caterham. Well, like a Caterham with truck springs. Plus, its bare aluminum floor rattles incessantly, and its TVR Cerbera-style instrument pod quivers as if in the opening gambit of a petit mal seizure."

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