1965→1973 AC 428

Unlike most cars by AC, The AC Frua was designed by Pietro Frua, instead of Caroll Shelby, of which it got it's name from. This car is easily mixed up with the Maserati Mistral, but these two cars only share the front quarter view, the headlights and the slightly similar grille. This car was extremely limited edition with only eighty one been made. It had a huge, seven litre big block V8 from the Ford Mustang of the time. Like most large, American V8s, the AC Frua tended to have the problem of heat leaking into the cabin. From 1970 onwards to 1973 when production stopped, the AC Frua had 1 prototype made with electrically powered pop up headlights. It was planned for production but It was thought to be to expensive to make.

Auction Sales History

1968 AC Frua Coupe CF19 - did not sell for $160,000 Built on a chassis derived from 427 Cobra. Only 81 AC528 re built. 1 of 49 Coupes produced. 345 HP engine. Automatic transmission. Blue with Black interior. Restored.
Auction Source: Monterey 2014 by Mecum Auctions

1969 AC 428 Frua Drophead Coupé CF31 - sold for €162,400 This particular AC 428 Frua Drophead is one of the only 29 convertibles to leave the Thames Ditton factory. The factory ledger supplied by the AC Owners Club suggests this particular convertible variant was finished on 31 January, 1969 in the same colour as it sports today, Live Oak over black. The car is thought to have been dispatched to Mike Spence Ltd. on consignment, subsequently sold to HR Owens Ltd. on 20 February, 1969 and finally regi... read more
Auction Source: 2011 London Auction by RM

1972 AC 428 Frua Coupé - sold for €100,800 Chassis no. CF65 is extraordinarily well documented, and its three-volume history file begins with invoices dating back to December 1974 and also includes MOTs from August 1975 to the present day. Registration changes are documented as well, along with a copy of the AC Cars build log. Furthermore, the car was featured in a five-page article for Classic & Sports Car’s May 1995 issue, as well as the AC Owners Club November 1999 newsletter. It ha... read more
Auction Source: 2010 RM Auctions Sporting Classics of Monaco


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