1973 Huffaker Jensen-Healey

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For inclusion in the D-Production category of SCCA racing, Joe Huffaker converted five Jensen-Healeys for club racing. Over the course of the 1973 season, Lee Mueller became the D-Production champion and the Jensen-Healey won it's first season.

Huffaker Engineering was based out of San Rafael, California and had close ties to the Qvale group which initially developed the Jensen-Healey road car. Much of the their development focused on upgrading the engine power as the rest of the car was engineered well from the onset.

To raise the stock 140 bhp to nearly 200 bhp, Huffaker fitted new engine internals such as forged pistons, De Long racing camshafts and stronger valve springs.

The stock suspension which was borrowed from the Vauxhall Viva was kept virtually stock expect for the fitting of Koni shock absorbers and adjustable anti-roll bars. The brake system included an adjustable front and rear bias proportioning valve and the stock power steering assist was removed.

In their September 1974 edition, Road & Track reported on the full test of the Huffaker Jensen-Healey. As driven by Lee Mueller they reached 0-60 in 7.2 seconds and a marked improvement in every area of performance around Riverside. The race car was 23 seconds faster than the road-going counterpart. R&T also reported that a complete racing car was available for $11,400 compared to the street car which listed at $6290.1

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