2001 Hyundai Clix Concept

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS - Hyundai Automotive

The Clix 2+2 sports coupe is the brainchild of Hyundai Motor Company's European Design Centre in Frankfurt. Their philosophy was to offer the driver and passengers the best of all worlds; the dynamic handling and excellent road holding of a sports coupe, with the versatility of a pick-up or SUV.

One of the most striking aspects of the Clix is its all-glass roof. It is made up of four separate panels, and features a high-tech opening mechanism powered by six motors so it can make a rapid transformation achieves a rapid transformation from coupe to targa, then onto Cabriolet and finally to a Pickup, with the roof panels being stored under the rear seats.

There are no plans for the Clix to join Hyundai's range of production cars.


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