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1908 Delaunay-Belleville F6

1908 Delaunay-Belleville F6

1908 Delaunay-Belleville F6

At the beginning of the century, Delaunay-Belleville was one of the most, if the most desired French marque. Emphasis during construction was placed on fine materials and craftsmanship which attracted the pillars of society. Customers to Delaunay-Belleville included King Alphonso XIII of Spain, King George I of Greece and Czar Nicholas II of Russia

S.A. des Automobiles Delaunay-Belleville was formed by Marius Barbarou and Louis Delaunay in 1903. Delaunay married into the Belleville family who owned the boiler making company of St. Denis. This relationship was reflected on the styling of Delaunay-Belleville cars with the engine surrounds on many examples capturing the character of the boiler company.

Marius Barbarou was responsible for much of the styling and design of the cars. He had previous experience working for Clement, Lorraine-Dietrich and Benz and was directly responsible for the 1904 Paris show car. He helped adopt the Belleville patented system of lubrication to internal combustion engines. This system was one of the first to use a pressurized system of pumps and oil ways instead of the common drip system used during the period.

Chassis 1406V, the Roi-Des-Belges Tourer

Chassis 1406V was ordered by Sir J. Milne Barbour Bart of Ireland. It was bodied in England by Mulliner having English, rather than French accessories . As discovered by the Delaunay-Belleville registrar, this car was the first to receive a six cylinder engine which would become a defining feature of Delaunay-Belleville cars.


Christies Auction

During their sale of exceptional motorcars at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center, Chrisites auctioned chassis 1406V. Being quite original and rare, the car changed hands for 249,500.00 U.S. dollars.

In Detail

engine Inline-6 w/L-Head
position Front Longitudinal
aspiration Natural
displacement 5900 cc / 360.0 in³
bore 98 mm / 3.86 in
stroke 122 mm / 4.8 in
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
f suspension Rigid Axle w/Semi-Elliptic Leaf Springs
r suspension Live Axle w/Transverse Leaf Springs
transmission 4-Speed w/Quadrant Change & Leather Cone Clutch
gear ratios :1