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1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48

1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48

1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48

The Pierce 48 or 48HP was the longest-running model in the Pierce range and was produced from the 1909 Model 48-SS, throughout the war period and well into the 1920s with the ‘Dual Valve’ cars. 48Hp was the model’s NACC rating.

Beginning in 1913, the Model 48 had a stepwise series of upgrades that included the 48-B-1, 48-B-2, 48-B-3, 48-B-4 up the Series 5 48-B-1 of 1918.

The later cars used a new 6-cylinder design that was a six-cylinder, inline engine that cast cylinders in pairs. A highlight of the valvetrain included twin sets of exhaust and intake valves which is why the engine is sometimes reffered to as the ‘Dual Valve Six’. It offered 48 horsepower which sent power to the rear wheels through a cone-type clutch and four-speed manual transmission.

During it’s introduction, Pierce offered 14 different factory body styles on the 48 chassis. Most of the cars were delivered with Pierce’s fender-moulded headlights, but cars delivered in Pierce’s home state of New York we forced to used detachable units.

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In Detail

type Series Production Car
production years 1913 – 1918
built at Buffalo, New York, USA
engine Inline-6 cast in pairs w/T-Head
position Front, Longitudinal
aspiration Natural
ignition Bosch high-tension magneto
block material Cast Iron
fuel feed Pierce-Arrow Carburettor
bore 114.3 mm / 4.5 in
stroke 139.7 mm / 5.5 in
power 35.8 kw / 48 bhp
redline 2500
body / frame Body over Steel Chassis
driven wheels RWD
wheel type Wood Artillery
front tires Goodrich Silvertown
rear tires Goodrich Great Safety
front brakes None
rear brakes Drums
steering Screw & Nut
f suspension Solid I-Beam Axle
r suspension Live Axle
wheelbase 3606.8 mm / 142 in
transmission 4-Speed Manual
tran clutch Cone, leather faced
fuel capacity 121.12 litres or 32 gal.

Auction Sales History

1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48

1910 Pierce-Arrow Model 48-SS Demi-Tonneau 540 – sold for $852,500. The car is correct in all important respects, as it was reportedly restored from an excellent original car, with only its front fenders requiring correct replication. It is equipped with acetylene headlamps and an oil tail lamp, as well as a correct Pierce-Arrow muffler and electric self-starting system, and it has a wonderful charm and patina of age about it. Its brass trim and paint have a rich, deep shine, but the interior is lightly worn and beginning to crack around the edges, while the chassis has a well-used but tidy appearance. Overall, it appears as it is: an automobile that has been enjoyed on tours by its owners for decades and one that is ready for continued travels with the HCCA and VMCCA in events such as the Glidden Tour. Auction Source: Paul & Chris Andrews Collection by RM Sotheby’s

1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48
1915 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 Seven-Passenger Suburban 13304 – sold for $159,500. An Exceptional Example of the Model 48 Pierce-Arrow. Beautifully Detailed Cast-Aluminum Suburban Coachwork. One of Two Known, and the Sole “Dome-Roof” Example Extant. Distinguished Chain of Knowledgeable Owners. Highly Original and Well-Regarded Example. An Ideal Nickel-Era Tour Car. Auction Source: Gooding & Company’s 10th Anniversary 2013 Pebble Beach Auction
1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48
1920 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 2/3-Passenger Coupé 515435 – sold for €102,421. From the Hooper Corporate Collection. Amazing gold-plated aluminium body. Characteristic wing-mounted headlamps. Imported to the United Kingdom in 1989, the car has recently been a feature display at the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany. This large museum showcases all forms of air and land transport technology. Still remarkable nearly four decades after its spectacular restoration, this Pierce-Arrow coupé is truly one of a kind. Auction Source: 2010 Automobiles of London by RM Auctions
1913→1918 Pierce-Arrow Model 48
1910 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 SS Demi-Tonneau 7540 – sold for $632,500. Among The Most Desirable Brass Era Cars. Sparkling Performance. Only Model 48 Demi-Tonneau Known To Exist. Authentic, Correct Automobile In All Respects. Outstanding Style And Quality. Auction Source: 2008 Monterey Preview