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1921 Spyker C4

1921 Spyker C4

1921 Spyker C4

After the war Spyker resumed car production. True to its motto, Spyker continued building record-breaking cars. Most famous of these is the Spyker C4. It had a special engine, built by the famous German engineer Wilhelm Maybach. It had a double ignition system with Bosch high-tension magneto
and battery-coil ignition with two spark plugs per cylinder.

The Spyker C4 was a powerful, dependable and luxurious car. in 1921, a standard C4 (chassis number C41, engine number 3201) established a new endurance record, driving continuously for 36 days and covering a distance of 30,000 kilometers. This car was called the ‘Tenax’ and was later bought by the Dutch nobleman Hugo Baron van Pallandt who won the first prize in the hill climb of the Mont de la Turbie near Monte Carlo in March 1922 with it

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
type Series Production Car
built at Holland