1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 143

1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 143

1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 143

In 1929 Pierce-Arrow was purchased outright by the Studebaker Corporation who sent their models in a healthy new direction. Abandoned was the 6-cylinder of year’s previous, and instead an entirely new 8-cylinder was fitted.

Along with the new engine, a range of lower and longer bodies were offered. 12 different bodies were offered on the 133-wheelbase Model 133 (sometimes called Model 125) and 7 were different bodies offered on the longer 143-wheelbase Model 143.

Unlike the earlier detachable-head design, the new 8-cylinder was an integral unit, having 9-main bearings and an L-Head valvetrain arrangement.

In Detail

typeSeries Production Car
built atUSA
predeccesor1926 Pierce-Arrow Series 36
positionFront, Longitudinal
fuel feedStromberg UU-2
displacement5998 cc / 366 in³
bore88.90 mm / 3.5 in
stroke120.65 mm / 4.75 in
power93.2 kw / 125 bhp
specific output20.84 bhp per litre
top speed~136.76 kph / 85 mph

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