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1934 Packard Twelve Model 1108

1934 Packard Twelve Model 1108

In 1934 Packard offered three distinct chassis for the 11th series Packard Twelve of which the 1108 was the longest. It was used for Packard’s most luxurious cars alongside the shorter model 1107 and 1106.

Like all of the 11th series Packard’s, the Model 1108 featured the smooth-running V12 engine which produced a capable 160 bhp.

For the 1934 range Packard redesigned the fenders which are characterized by extending to the front bumper. Inside Packard also had a redesigned dashboard that could accommodate the optional factory radio.

Some consider the 11th series the last of the classic Packards since it was the last year to have slender windshield posts and chrome front headlights.

Among the very desirable and custom bodies availble for the 1108 was the LeBaron Sport Phaeton which made great use of pontoon fenders and a sweeping rear profile for the first time in the range. Other top bodies included the Dietrich Sport Sedan and Dietrich Convertible Victoria.

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