1938→1956 HRG 1500

1938→1956 HRG 1500

1938→1956 HRG 1500

In 1938 HRG Adopted both the 1 and 1½ Litre Meadow engines from Singer in their lightweight chassis and running gear.

The 1500 was a product of H.R. Godfrey’s vision of a lightweight car with no frills and was also easy to maintain.

Despite the low production numbers, HRG’s became a fixture in motorsports. One of the first 1500 prototypes was raced at the 1937 24 Hours of Le Mans by Archie Scott and Ted Halford who placed 13th overall and second in the 1.5 liter class behind the winning Aston Martin 1½ Ulster.

HRG eventually won the 1.5 liter class at Le Mans in 1939, but also repeated the feat in 1949 with a three-car team.

In the immediate post-war period HRG continued production of both the 1100 and 1500.

Story by Richard Michael Owen

1939 HRG 1500 Gallery

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In Detail

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type Limited Production Car
production years 1938 – 1956
built at Chessington, Surrey, England
engine Meadow Inline-4
position Front, Longitudinal
displacement 1500 cc / 91.54 in³