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1948 Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta Gallery

0008M was the 4th 166 MM Barchetta to be built and is the most celebrated. It was completed in April 1949 and won the Mille Miglia in May 1949, driven by Clemente Biondetti and Ettore Salani. A month later, with Luigi Chinetti and Lord Peter Selsdon driving, it won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and these two wins made Ferrari a household name around the world.

Ferrari 166 MM (0058M) was completed in May 1950 and was given to Eugenio Castellotti as a gift from a local benefactor who recognized the driving skills of the talented 20-year-old. In 1951 Castellotti competed in his first-ever race in this car and later the Mille Miglia. Afterwards, in order to find more speed, he sent the car back to the factory where it was converted to three carburetors with modified air cleaners and manifolds and the hood scoop was removed. The car continued to be raced throughout Europe before coming to the United States when it was sold by San Francisco dealer Charles Rezzaghi to Raymond Craycroft in 1953. Craycroft drove this car to second place in the novice class at the Pebble Beach Road Races in 1954.

This car (0010M) won the 24 Hours of Spa in Belgium with Luigi Chinetti driving—and the Ferrari legend was born. In 1950 Chinetti sold the car to Jim Kimberly of Palm Beach, Florida, who raced it on the East Coast before bringing the car to California and the 1951 Pebble Beach Road Races. Kimberly placed sixth in the Del Monte Handicap race, but while running 3rd on lap 27 of the Pebble Beach Cup, Jim flipped the car. He emerged unhurt but the car was undrivable. The car was later repaired, sold to James Simpson, and raced until 1955.
One of three 1950 Touring Barchettas originally built with one door. The 15th of 25 examples built. Finished 2nd overall at the 1950 Mille Miglia. Documented history by Marcel Massini. Numerous in-period 1st place finishes. Driven by Ascari, Chinetti, and Gonzales. Overwhelming provenance as an early factory racing 166 MM. Read more about this car.