1954 AC Aceca

1954 AC Aceca

1954 AC Aceca

Introduced in 1954, the Aceca was a fastback version of AC’s seminal Ace roadster. Built as an exclusive Grand Touring car, each Aceca featured new curved windshield and a hinged rear hatch.

Like the Ace, the Aceca had the same sporting independent suspension and lightweight aluminum body that made the car popular. Half way into production, the antiquated prewar AC engine was replaced by a Bristol unit having 120 bhp.

About 300 Acecas were completed before both it and the Ace were replaced by the potent AC Cobra.

In Detail

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1955 AC Aceca AEX542 – sold for $132,000

While little is known of the early history for the example offered here, chassis number AEX542, it is known to have suffered a mild fender-bender in 1970. It was subsequently dismantled and prepared for restoration. New front fenders were even made for it by the AC factory in Thames Ditton and fitted in 1976, when the car was placed in storage. However, it was not until recently that the car was brought to light, out of its lengthy slumber, and completed. During the 2012 restoration in Arizona, the Aceca was repainted Sterling Metallic Gray and finished with a black Connolly leather interior. The suspension and knock-off wire wheels were restored, the work for which was documented and photographed.
1954 AC Aceca

1959 AC Aceca Bristol BEX 711 – sold for $275,000

Distinguished New York Show Car Pedigree. One of Only Eight Examples Delivered to the US in 1959. Single Family Ownership and 15,700 Miles from New.
1954 AC Aceca

1960 AC Aceca AEX756 – sold for $286,000

Fitted with the desirable Bristol engine and gearbox. A superb, just-completed comprehensive restoration to concours standard. One of only 328 AC Aceca coupes built between 1954 and 1963. The all-weather companion to the AC Ace and, later, the AC Cobra. Ideally suited for tours and rallies, including the California Mille.
1954 AC Aceca

1958 AC Aceca Coupe AEX672 – sold for $99,000

Complete with the original owner’s handbook, supporting documents and tools, AEX672 has traveled approximately 1,700 miles since restoration and is fully sorted. With strong club support and ample parts availability, it could be a welcome entry into virtually all of the most desirable vintage races, rallies and touring events worldwide, including the Monte Carlo Rally and the Mille Miglia.
1954 AC Aceca

1957 AC Aceca AEX607 – sold for $110,000

This dashing Aceca is one of merely 49 examples constructed in 1957 and is also believed to be one of just 169 that were fitted with the model’s original AC engine. Its record of ownership picks up in October 1959 in the possession of a Florida resident. In April 1967, Arthur Lukach of Rockford, Illinois, purchased the car and subsequently sold it to Gary Sonnenshein.
1954 AC Aceca


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