1962 Porsche 356B/2000GS Carrera GT

1962 Porsche 356B/2000GS Carrera GT

After a considerable absence of a Carrera model in the 356 model lineup, Porsche finally made another version with the introduction of a 2.0-liter engine. This Carrera trailed a series of impressive 1.6 liter cars known as the 1600GS.

As with the earlier versions, the Carrera was offered both in a Carrera GT Deluxe verion for the road and the Carrera GT for racetrack duties. Unlike these earlier models, the new car benefited from the 2.0 liter engine introduced as the Carrera 2 was unveiled in September 1962.

The 2.0 Carrera used a variant of the Type 547 engine with a larger bore and stoke, having 1966cc. The larger cylinder wall meant that the block had to be both taller and wider and the type was changed to 578. The new engine offered much more increased low-end torque making it suitable for everyday driving.

Specific to the GT model was the Type 547/2 engine with its large Weber carburetors and special intake manifold. Furthermore, high-lift camshafts were fitted, compression ratio was increased and a sports muffler was fitted. Net power was often listed at 155 horsepower but 170 gross bhp was actually available. Only two of these engines were produced in 1962, leaving the rest to be produced in 1963.

The first Type 578 engines were tested at the Targa Florio in 1961 where the cars nearly won their class. However, testing on several red coupes to and from race events finalized specification of the road-going Carrera de Luxe.

Another feature of the Carrera 2 was bespoke disc brakes designed and manufactured from Porsche. Called the Porsche-ATE system, this used Porsche’s much smaller open-concept wheel that used wide-spaced wheel studs. This feature was homologated, ensuring that early models could be upgraded and raced.

Visually the Carrera 2 GT was distinct with its spartan interior, lack of bumper guards, missing front intake grills and lack of hubcaps.

1962 Porsche 356B/2000GS Carrera GT

In Detail

submitted byRichard Owen
typeSeries Production Car
price $$7,595 USD
engineType 587/2 Flat-4
fuel feedWeber 46 IDM-2 Carburetors
displacement1966 cc / 120.0 in³
bore91.95 mm / 3.62 in
stroke73.9 mm / 2.91 in
power126.8 kw / 170 bhp @ 6600 rpm
specific output86.47 bhp per litre
bhp/weight187.22 bhp per tonne
body / frameUnit Steel
driven wheelsRWD
front tires165-15
rear tires165-15
front brakesPorsche ATE Discs
rear brakesPorsche ATE Discs
curb weight908 kg / 2000 lbs
wheelbase2101 mm / 82.7 in
front track1306 mm / 51.4 in
rear track1273 mm / 50.1 in
length4013 mm / 158.0 in
width1671 mm / 65.8 in
height1328 mm / 52.3 in
transmission4-Speed Manual
gear ratios3.09:1, 1.77:1, 1.13:1, 0.85:1
top speed~209.17 kph / 130 mph