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1965→1967 Radford DB5 Shooting Brake

1965→1967 Radford DB5 Shooting Brake

1965→1967 Radford DB5 Shooting Brake

After David Brown converted his own DB5 into a Shooting Brake, customers started to request the same treatment so they could fit the dogs and hunting gear for the annual hunt. Radford ultimately ended up doing the conversions, probably at a very high premium over the already expensive base model.

David Brown turned all his shooting brake requests to Radford in London to reshape the body. Much of the structural integrity of the body was lost so the chassis was upgraded to deal with the 800 lbs of new car.

Since Radford was converting all sorts of cars with bespoke interiors and appointments, their Aston Martins were particularly well outfitted. Some cars even received new lights from Triumph.

Only 12 Radford Shooting Brakes were made by Radford beyond David Brown’s first prototype. They later converted four DB6s once DB5 production had stopped.

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
type Series Production Car
production years 1965 – 1967
built at London, England
body stylist Radford
production 12