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1981→1985 Puma P080

1981→1985 Puma P080

1981→1985 Puma P080

In the early ’80s, the company began experiencing financial and bureaucratic problems, aggravated by fires and floods. It designs a new model in order to leverage sales.
Born then the P-018 (P-projects and 18 project was the Puma), which ends up being the final name of the model. Again Puma excels in design, but for a sporty, weak engine VW air, was not up to the project and needed change. Several attempts were made to use VW engines AP600 water, but were thwarted by the problem of building a new chassis, which can become expensive project, limiting sales. So the P018 were fitted with a suspension equal to the Variant II, the 1700 engine air command P2, dual carb Solex 40 and longer transmission. It had wheels with unique design, similar to the GTB52 and would be fitted with air conditioning, hot air and power windows.
OP-018 was presented at the Motor Show in 1982 and estimates that were produced only 40 to 50 units.

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submitted by hydrenxz
type Series Production Car
production years 1981 – 1985
released at 1982 São Paulo Motor Show
built at Brazil, Other
body stylist Rino Malzoni
interior designer Rino Malzoni
production 50
engine Flat-4
valvetrain OHV
fuel feed Twin carburettors Solex 40
displacement 1700 cc / 103.74 in³
compression 7.8000002:1
power 52.200001 kw / 70 bhp @ 5200 rpm
specific output 41.18 bhp per litre
front tires R14
rear tires R15
f suspension McPherson