1992 Ferrari F512 TR Spider

1992 Ferrari F512 TR Spider

1992 Ferrari F512 TR Spider


The factory officially made only one Testarossa Spider and that was for Gianni Agnelli, but five were sold to Brunei. Likewise, no 512 Spiders were made, but six again made it to Brunei. These cars were all part of a secret cottage industry, funded by the Brunei Royal Family to amass the greatest supercar collection possible.

Pininfarina sold the cars to Dubai, along with several other unique bodied Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes and Jaguars.

basman007 lists the 512TRs as follows:

FER TR SPYDER BP8988 EFG086 – Anthracite/Black
FER TR SPYDER BP8778 EFG088 – Purple/Black
FER TR SPYDER BP8898 EFG089 – Blue/Black
FER TR SPYDER BN6326 EFG090 – Silver/Black
FER TR SPYDER BN1779 EFG091 – Blue-Green/Black

One of the blue cars was spotted in Rome during Ferrari’s 50th anniversary and in Singapore during Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary. Since then the car has been managed by Hong She Motors in Singapore bearing the serial number 97310.

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