1994→1995 Turbo Technics E 320

1994→1995 Turbo Technics E 320

1994→1995 Turbo Technics E 320

Now you’ve chosen to drive a Mercedes-Benz…
…why compromise your driving experience?
Supercar performance with all the benefits of a luxury limousine.

Outline technical specification

3 litre, 6 cylinder, 12 valve engine
Reduced compression ration, modified throttle body and plenum chamber;
additional engine management unit, working in conjunction with the standard electro-mechanical fuel injection system, to optimise fuel flow and ignition advance curve;
two additional fuel injectors;
twin Garrett T2 water cooled, pressure lubricated turbochargers;
cast nickel iron exhaust manifolds linked to large diameter stainless steel exhaust system incorporating the standard catalytic converter.

3 litre, 6 cylinder, 24 valve engine
Modifications essentially as per 3 litre/12 valve unit with appropriate detail adjustments.
The catalytic converter cannot be incorporated within the exhaust system on models using this engine.
The 155mph speed restrictor is retained.

3.2 litre, 6 cylinder, 24 valve engine
As per 3-litre/24 valve unit except that a single large additional fuel injector is used and the additional engine management unit works in conjunction with the standard, all-electronic fuel injection system.
The catalytic converter is incorporated within the exhaust system on models using this engine.

Note: 98 octane Super Unleaded petrol is required with all the Turbo Technics turbo conversions.

Owning and driving a Mercedes-Benz is a special experience, born out of its renowned engineering and legendary build quality.
The marque, in all its guises, undeniably provides levels of refinement that are widely regarded as the benchmark for the industry.

Recognising the product’s huge reserves of durability, the UK’s leading turbocharger specialists, Turbo Technics,
has seized the opportunity to produce a unique high performance engine conversion applicable to both the 300 series and 3.2 litre E series models.

Whilst the primary objective was to offer supercar performance with all the benefits of a luxury limousine, retaining the inherent levels of refinement was considered a prerequisite.

The result is quite simply breathtaking. By concentrating on enhancing the standard engine’s torque delivery, as opposed to its outright power,
the conversions offer sensational low and mid range punch which permits effortless overtaking manoeuvres.
Throttle response is crisp and instantaneous, and drivability is in no way compromised.

The conversions call for no alteration in driving style or special procedures and, apart from the dramatically increased performance,
most drivers would be unaware that any form of modification had been carried out, unless they happen to notice the very discreetly placed components in the engine bay.

Even fuel consumption is unlikely to be adversely affected, although this naturally depends upon the driver’s ability to resist the temptation to use the electrifying performance at every opportunity
and in most cases catalytic converters can be retained where fitted.

All too often a well-engineered conversion is spoilt by the quality of the installation.
With their fine reputation at stake, Turbo Technics had no hesitation in appointing the long-established Mercedes-Benz dealer, Hughes of Beaconsfield, as its exclusive fitting agent.

Standard service intervals and routines remain unchanged, and the reliability of the installation is such that Hughes offer a 12 month, unlimited mileage guarantee with complete confidence.
The conversion applies equally to saloon, coupe and estate variants and, subject to engine condition, can even be carried out on vehicles having completed as many as 60,000 miles.

Hughes of Beaconsfield can also provide a wide range of ancillary equipment to complement the turbo conversion and thus create what is arguably the ultimate executive express.

The UK’s foremost motoring magazine, Autocar and Motor, probably summed it up best in their road test of the 3 litre 12 valve model:
“The Turbo Technics conversion works like a dream”.

Story by Turbo Technics

In Detail

submitted by anonymous
type Professionally Tuned Car
production years 1994 – 1995
built at Beaconsfield, England
body stylist Bruno Sacco
production 75
price $ $ £50000
engine Inline-6
position Front
aspiration Twin Turbocharged
block material Cast Iron
valvetrain DOHC
fuel feed HFM EFI
displacement 3199 cc / 195.21001 in³
bore 89.900002 mm / 3.5 in
stroke 84 mm / 3.3 in
compression 9:1
power 257.29999 kw / 345 bhp @ 6400 rpm
specific output 107.85 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 224.03 bhp per tonne
torque 450.10001 nm / 332 ft lbs @ 4500 rpm
redline 6400
driven wheels RWD
front brakes Vented Disc
rear brakes Disc
front wheels F 38.099998 x 16.5 cm / 15 x 6.5 in
rear wheels R 38.099998 x 16.5 cm / 15 x 6.5 in
steering Recirculating Ball
f suspension Double wishbones gas filled shock absorbers coil springs & anti-roll bar.
r suspension Ind; multi-link system coil springs gas filled shock absorbers & anti-roll bar.
curb weight 1540 kg / 3395.7 lbs
weight distro 53 % / 47 %
wheelbase 2833 mm / 111.5 in
front track 1530 mm / 60.200001 in
rear track 1525 mm / 60 in
length 4795 mm / 188.8 in
width 1799 mm / 70.800003 in
height 1408 mm / 55.400002 in
transmission 4-Speed Automatic
final drive 3.0599999:1
top speed ~249.39999 kph / 155 mph
0 – 60 mph ~5.6999998 seconds
0 – 100 mph ~14.4 seconds
drag 0.30000001 Cd
fuel econ epa 9.5 L/100 km or 24.76 mpg-us
city fuel econ epa 12.5 L/100 km or 18.82 mpg-us
hwy fuel econ epa 8.5 L/100 km or 27.67 mpg-us
fuel capacity 80 litres or 21.120001 gal.