1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 S

1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6 S

Towards the end of 964 production Porsche offered a limited series of Turbos known as the 3.6 S. The ’36S’ package included specific body kits that varied depending on market as well as the X88 ‘S’ motor.

The engine was uprated with a K27 7006 turbocharger with an auxiliary oil cooler. The entire cylinder head was upgraded with new valves, camshaft and timing.

Generally the 3.6 S included the X92 Exclusive front spoiler, the X93 Exclusive rear spoiler and X99 air inlets on the rear fenders for engine cooling, but the cars delivered to the USA, Japan and rest of world were quite different.

Most of the 3.6 Flachbau’s were delivered new to the USA known X85 package with 964-style pop-up headlights and all the Exclusive options mentioned above. 39 X85 cars were made.

The X83 package was reserved for Japan which was known as the Furrattonozu in the domestic market. These have a 930-style look with rear fender vents and pop up headlights. All 10 of the X83 cars delivered in Polar Silver Metallic with either the 3.6 Turbo or 3.8 RS rear spoiler.

Rest of the world got the X84 which was similar to the USA-spec cars with fog lights built into the front scoops.

17 Additional cars were made for the USA and Canada with regular fixed headlights but retained the rest of the 3.6 S package.


In Detail

type Limited Production Car
built at Germany
production 93
price $ $ 159,000
price ¥/td> ¥25,400,000
engine X88 M64/50 S Flat-6
position Rear, Longitudinal
aspiration K27 7006 Turbocharger
compression 9.0:1
power 283 kw / 379.5 bhp
body / frame Unitary Steel Monocoque
wheel type Speedline for Porsche
front tires Yokohama A008
rear tires Yokohama A008
f brake size 32 x 322 mm / 1.26 x 12.68 in
r brake size 28 x 298 mm / 1.10 x 11.73 in
transmission G50/52 5-Speed Manual