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1995 Pininfarina Argento Viva

1995 Pininfarina Argento Viva

1995 Pininfarina Argento Viva

The Argento Vivo evolved from the Honda-based car into further cars based on the brand new Mercedes SL600 chassis. Brakes, suspension and gearbox are all AMG, as is the 7.3 litre V12 engine. Developing 555 HP, the performance the performance of the Argento Vivo is devastating, going from 0-60 MPH in less than four seconds, with a top speed of over 175 MPH.

The interior is custom-built by Pininfarina and consists of carbon fibre door panels, dashboard, centre console and special leather and carbon fibre seats.

Only four of these incredible machines were ever built, all of which were delivered to the Royal Family of Brunei, at a cost of over $2 million USD each.

Two of these cars remain in the possession of the Royal Family of Brunei; the intense secrecy surrounding the special automotive projects that the Royal Family commissioned means that the very existence of these cars is virtually unknown to anyone except those most closely involved with the family’s projects.

With the Royal Family cutting back on their lavish spending in these uncertain economic times, the specialist workshop facility that Pininfarina used for the construction of these special “Brunei” cars has now been closed, meaning that the Argento Vivo will probably be the last Pininfarina-designed Mercedes.
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