1998 Westfield FW400


Westfield FW400

The Westfield FW400 (Feather Weight, 400kg) took the ‘performance through light weight’ ethos to the very extreme. A carbon fibre monocoque, GRP bodywork and aluminium suspension and braking components kept weight down to a scarcely believable 880lbs.

With a tuned Rover 1.8L VVC engine pushing out 190bhp, the FW400 had a phenomenal power to weight ratio of almost 500bhp/ton.

Acceleration was unsurprisingly dramatic, with 60mph coming up in 3.8sec and 100mph in a mere 8.7sec. Of course light weight also means powerful braking as there is less mass for the discs to slow down.

This made the FW400 an exceptional track day car, if a little frantic for the road!

1998 Westfield FW400 1998 Westfield FW400 1998 Westfield FW400 1998 Westfield FW400 1998 Westfield FW400

In Detail

engineRover K-Series Inline-4
displacement1796 cc / 109.6 in³
power141.7 kw / 190 bhp
specific output105.79 bhp per litre
bhp/weight475.0 bhp per tonne
body / frameCarbon Fibre Monocoque
f brake sizemm / in
r brake sizemm / in
curb weight400 kg / 882 lbs
transmissionHewland LD200 5-Speed Transaxle
gear ratios:1
top speed~209.2 kph / 130 mph
0 – 60 mph~3.8 seconds