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2001 Concorso Italiano

Having covered the Concorso Italiano for 10 years, we can confidently say 2001 was the best of the decade. As proof, we have prepared a 2001 Concorso Italiano gallery.

Concorso Italiano is one of Pebble Beach weekend’s most stunning events, packed full of Italian metal new and old, and we mean each of those in both senses. It is held at the golf course at the Bayonet & Blackhorse Golf Club. Concorso Italiano features nearly 1,000 exotic vehicles and is a can’t miss part of the traditional Monterey Bay Car Week.

The exotics cover all manner of decades, and the field is populated with cars that are new to the event as well as those that have participated in years past.

Frank Mandarano curated the 2001 show and dedicated it to Pininfarina-designed Ferraris. Many of Pininfarina’s own museum cars were shipped from Italy including the Rossa prototype. These were surrounded by many classic Ferraris and one-of Pininfarina Speciales.

Concorso also welcomed Keuylian MotorCars which brought out two of everything. Most of these were special models like the Diablo GT, XJ200 TWR and EB100 SS. Furthermore, the second Zonda imported into the states was also present.

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