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2001 Hispano Suiza K8

2001 Hispano Suiza K8

2001 Hispano Suiza K8

Hispano Suiza has presented a new four seat prototype at the 2001 Geneva Auto Show. Like the pre-war cars of Hispano Suiza past, it is a sports car of great dimensions, 4.96m x 2.00m x 1.43m that has grand and elegant characteristics.

The interior emphasizes simple lines, with the dashboard, doors, steering wheel and seats covered in hyde dyed of an ocher tone. The cockpit has ample room for four individual seats.

Hispano Suiza says that its new prototype, the K8, has an normally aspirated V8 motor with 4.2 liters of displacement and a block made in aluminum. 360 bhp @ 7,200 and and 431 Nm @ 3,500 rpm is possible. The gearchange change is sequential with six speeds giving power to all four wheels.

Mazel, company based in Barcelona, has been the one in charge of Hispano Suiza over the last years. They are repsonsible for the development of all the necessary elements in a car like the electronics, processes, assembly, security, comfort, simulation and dynamics.

In addition they specifically have factories dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes with milling machines and assembly ready to make 200 prototypes each year. Also, Mazel has space dedicated to the development of motors, competition department and molds for cars of serial production and preliminary series.

The K8 is the second prototype that the revived Hispano Suiza has displayed, and has a possibility of being made in series production.

Story by Mazel