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2001 Honda Dualnote Concept

2001 Honda Dualnote Concept

2001 Honda Dualnote Concept

The Dualnote comes equipped with the Honda IMA System, a further refinement of our unique Civic Hybrid system. This powerplant combines a 3.5-litre V6 i-VTEC engine with electric motor/generator assist. An additional front-drive motor is added, for a drive package that puts out a walloping 400 horsepower, while at the same time achieving unprecedented fuel economy.

Dualnote’s mid-engine, rear-drive, hybrid 4-wheel drive powerplant also comes equipped with ATTS for smoother, more stable cornering and VSA to suppress side slip. These systems are synchronised to work together, providing 4-wheel independent control that employs each tyre to maximum effect, for a car that delivers the ultimate in starting, stopping, and handling performance.

The instrument panel is designed to deliver only the necessary information when it is needed, for the maximum comfort and driving pleasure. It is divided into three optimally-positioned display units, built around interactive voice recognition technology. The display also notifies the driver of incoming telephone and e-mail messages.

The centre display, located at the bottom of the windshield to minimise driver distraction, incorporates an arrow navigation display to indicate branches in the road ahead, and night vision, which uses an infrared camera to detect pedestrians. The image is then processed and displayed to the driver.

Dualnote features: – Extensive cabin length owing to an advanced monocoque form and long wheelbase -Variable steering assist enables neutral and ideal handling under a variety of road and driving conditions -Integrated sensor headlights with built-in sensors for immediate and accurate recognition of objects in the drive path Integrated front/rear sensing system employing CCD cameras for more accurate object recognition -Integrated front upper spoiler controls the aerodynamics of the entire vehicle body and helps achieve a comfortable ride quality Touch sensor type door-opener switch for tight security

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
engine V6 Hybrid w/Electric Front Engine
position Mid Engine Gasoline, Front Electric
valvetrain VTEC DOHC
power 298.3 kw / 400 bhp
bhp/weight bhp per tonne
body / frame aluminum-composite
driven wheels 4WD
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
wheelbase 2850 mm / 112.2 in
length 4390 mm / 172.8 in
width 1830 mm / 72.0 in
height 1215 mm / 47.8 in
gear ratios :1