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2002 Mitsubishi Spaceliner Concept

2002 Mitsubishi Spaceliner Concept

2002 Mitsubishi Spaceliner Concept


Mitsubishi takes a new look at interior space with the Spaceliner Concept.

From outside the Spaceliner has a potent low-stance and a mono-form body. The longwheel base adds to the elegance of the cars appeal. But, it is on the inside where the Spaceliner really shines.

The interior of the car remsembles more of your average living room than an automobile cockpit. The rear seat is a sofa-type arrangement while the two front seats look more like lazyboys over anything else. Ample space is provided in and around all occupants.

Upon entering the vehicle via the large center-opening doors , the driver imediately notices that the front seat is faced in his/her direction. Once seated the chair rotates such that the driver faces the dashboard. At this time, like something out of Star Trek (TM), the dashboard unfolds to reveal the input devices. They can then be positioned to either the right or left seat of the vehicle.

The motivation behind the Spaceliner is a refreshing take on comfort. This car aims to reduce a the stress and aggresivness of everyday life.

The Mitsubishi Spaceliner supports a trend of automobiles which are redefining our interior space. Cars such as the Isuzu Zen, Honda Unibox and Renault Ellypse take a new approaches to make our transportation important not only from the outside, but the inside. These cars serve as a sign that warmer, friendly and more usable interior spaces are on the way.

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
driven wheels 4WD
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
wheelbase 2950 mm / 116.1 in
length 4900 mm / 192.9 in
width 1880 mm / 74.0 in
height 1530 mm / 60.2 in
gear ratios :1