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2002 Volvo ACC2 Concept

2002 Volvo ACC2 Concept

2002 Volvo ACC2 Concept

The Volvo ACC2 (Adventure Concept Car) is a concept study that combines high-performance engineering with functionality of a sports activity vehicle. Flared wheel arches boast turbine inspired alloy wheels with a wider track that hints at its on and off road capabilities.

18 inch studded tires developed by Michelin help maintain control should a sudden loss of air pressure occur. The headlamps are connected with the vehicles GPS package. Depending on where the vehicle is, it can adjust the headlamps for left or right hand traffic conditions.

This is a car that is designed for the most remote corners of the far north of Scandinavia…where many people might want to go…but few will ever make it.

The interior of the Volvo ACC2 is inspired by the Swedish Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi and the famous Swiss Army Knife, a blend of cold surfaces, warm materials and functionality. Perhaps the ACC2’s most eye-catching feature is the 2 + 2 seat configuration and its new seat design. The thin profile of the seat is inspired by both the rounded classic design of Scandinavian chairs and the dynamic shape of racing car seats.

The fixed angle between the seat cushion, together with saddle-inspired natural leather and generous lumbar support, provides maximum comfort. The backrests in the rear can move forward to the front seats to create a flat, efficient loading area. Orange is used to highlight the interaction between the car and its occupants. This includes the touch buttons throughout the car, the door handles and important safety features like the Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) indicator and the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) bar in each seat.

Under the hood of the Volvo ACC2, there is a potent version of the Volvo five-cylinder, 2435 cc engine, producing 300 hp and no less than 295 ft. lbs. of torque, mated to a six-speed, compact, four-shaft semi-automatic gearbox developed. The Up and Down gear-shift buttons are integrated in the steering wheel, while the reverse button is positioned on the center console.

As an Innovative concept study, Volvo designers have come up with a product that is altogether smart. With Quad seating, an array of Visible safety features, the Volvo ACC2 is very much the extreme winter transport for the future.

In Detail

engine Inline-5
position Front Longitudinal
displacement 2435 cc / 148.6 in³
power 223.7 kw / 300.0 bhp
specific output 123.2 bhp per litre
torque 399.97 nm / 295.0 ft lbs
driven wheels 4WD
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
transmission 6-Speed Semi-Automatic
gear ratios :1

Above Images ©IMAGE CREDITS – Volvo Car Corporation