2003 Pontiac G6 Concept

2003 Pontiac G6 Concept

2003 Pontiac G6 Concept

Pontiac’s four-passenger sedan demonstrates how the division is evolving for the 21st century with cleaner contemporary designs and total performance – seamlessly blending power and acceleration with superior ride and handling characteristics for a responsive driving experience.

The 20-inch billet, open wheel design connects with the gearshift aesthetic, visually communicating the relationship of the enthusiast’s interface to the road. Goodyear performance rubber complements the car’s athletic, muscular proportions

The headlamps skew toward the twin-port Pontiac grille like the eyes of a tiger; their configuration inspired by intricate, multi-dial sport watches. High-intensity LED technology provides the lighting. The tri-coated flint finish is cool and urbane, with blue-gray glass to match.

The G6 packs a supercharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine, producing 285 horsepower and 272 lbs.-ft. of torque. It also could be equipped with the fuel-saving Displacement on Demand technology, which uses only half of the cylinders during routine driving conditions and automatically reactivates the other cylinders when the driver needs the engine’s full power for situations such as accelerating or passing.

The 4T65-E electronically controlled automatic transaxle includes tap-up-tap-down shifting to achieve smooth and precise European driving characteristics. The controls are located on both the ergonomic steering wheel and the floor-mounted shifter in the center console.

The G6 is all-wheel-drive. Its four-wheel independent suspension is adjustable for ride height and enhanced handling. The front and rear brakes are four-piston calipers on 13-inch rotors.

The interior reinforces the G6 image as a real driving machine. The cockpit cabin is driver-oriented with excellent ergonomics and driver interface. You have the car at the ends of your fingers, said Ryan Vaughn, the G6 interior designer. You are morphed into the vehicle. Your body senses every turn and acceleration through the seats the second you grab the leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Story by General Motors Corporation

In Detail

submitted by Richard Owen
engine V6
displacement 3500 cc / 213.6 in³
power 212.5 kw / 285 bhp
specific output 81.43 bhp per litre
torque 368.78 nm / 272 ft lbs
f brake size mm / in
r brake size mm / in
transmission 4T65-E
gear ratios :1