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2005 Edo MC12 R

When initially drafting up Maserati’s premier supercar, Ferrari made sure the MC12 fell below the coveted Enzo in terms of power and performance, however, one unique example has now smashed this barrier.

Edo Karabegovic is responsible for tuning some of the fastest cars ever made. Financed from the deep pockets of an enthusiastic owner, he now has his name splashed across a heavily modified a MC12; a car which many purists consider too sacred to personalize.

Edo is no newcomer to high-end tuning, his 911 conversion blew the socks off the Carrera GT’s lap record around the famed Nurburgring. When considering the MC12 he said: ‘only the doors and the windows were right; everything else was absolute shit’. Edo was referring to the restricted power and limited aerodynamic abilities of the original car below 150 mph. These faults were a result of racing regulations that forced the homologated MC12 be outfitted like its race equivalent. Edo’s mission was to fix these problems and create an MC12 in his own way.

According to Edo, probably the best modification is the replacement of the standard Pirellis with Bridgestones. And matched with a new fully adjustable suspension, the MC12 is likely headed to the Nurburgring to fetch a lap time that would make every Ferrari owner think twice.

Aside from the shoutout paint scheme, one of the first noticeable Edo touches is the faired-in headlights which Edo gently melted Macrolon covers for. As a next step, he is trying to get a competition-spec wing, but Maserati Racing still promptly refuse.

Under the skin, this Maserati’s claim to fame is a 700 bhp engine that screams louder than a Ferrari. Probably the largest improvement comes from a freelow and lightweight exhaust system. Included are keyfob-controlled valves which bypass any baffles and let the MC12 sing its deafening song. With the vales closed, the mufflers offer a quiet mode that still hollers louder than the neighborhood Mustang.

Along with its exhaust, the engine produces 70 more horsepower thanks to new management electronics and an induction system with a ram-air effect and better filtering. The gearbox was modified slightly to cope with these new forces, but the ratios remain intact.

Keeping the new Edo in check and in the 21st century are new ceramic discs measuring 15 inches up front. While the supplier remains anonymous, the discs fit inside the stock calipers and reduce unsprung weight on every wheel.

Even though the MC12 R would appear a complete package, Edo has plenty of revisions to go and plan to source a competition-spec wing as well as put the MC12 on a much-needed diet. Most likely when we consider this car again it will look a lot different.

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In Detail

engine 65 Degree V12 w/Dry Sump Lubrication
position Mid Longitudinal
aspiration Natural
valvetrain Gear-Driven DOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
displacement 5998 cc / 366.0 in³
bore 92 mm / 3.62 in
stroke 75.2 mm / 2.96 in
compression 11.2:1
power 522.0 kw / 700 bhp @ 8200 rpm
specific output 116.71 bhp per litre
bhp/weight 524.34 bhp per tonne
torque 715 nm / 527.4 ft lbs @ 4830 rpm
redline 8500
body / frame Carbon & Nomex Honeycomb Monocoque w/Aluminum Sub Frames
driven wheels RWD w/Bosch ASR
front tires Bridgestone 245/35-19
rear tires Bridgestone 345/35-19
front brakes Ceramic Discs w/Standard Calipers
f brake size x 396 mm / x 15.6 in
rear brakes Ceramic Discs w/Standard Calipers
r brake size x 361 mm / x 14.2 in
front wheels F 48.3 x 22.9 cm / 19.0 x 9 in
rear wheels R 48.3 x 33.0 cm / 19.0 x 13 in
f suspension Wishbones w/Fully Adjustable Suspension
r suspension Wishbones w/Fully Adjustable Suspension
curb weight 1335 kg / 2943 lbs
wheelbase 2800 mm / 110.2 in
front track 1660 mm / 65.4 in
rear track 1650 mm / 65.0 in
length 5143 mm / 202.5 in
width 2096 mm / 82.5 in
height 1205 mm / 47.4 in
transmission Edo-Modified 6-Speed
gear ratios :1
top speed ~370 kph / 229.9 mph
0 – 60 mph ~3.4 seconds