2005 Valmet Raceabout

2005 Valmet Raceabout

Valmet Raceabout

The number of specialty car models and derivatives on the worldwide car markets is increasing. Cars are made for even more narrowly limited target groups, and therefore the number of small series cars is increasing.

Deviation of the body architecture of the main stream models is typical for these vehicles. Advanced light-weight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber are often utilized. The yearly production volumes start from some thousands of units. The big challenge for the OEMs is to serve well the customers looking for individuality, without disturbing the efficiency of higher volume production.

Valmet Automotive has excellent operational readiness to serve the OEMs on this growing market segment. Also with smaller volumes the OEM customer can profit from the volume production benefits, like cost efficiency and constant high quality.

The RaceAbout 2005 sports car is presented on the Valmet Automotive stand at the Geneva Motor Show as an example of what a modern small series sports car could be. It is a sporty roadster with an all- aluminum monocoque, honeycomb floor pan, stainless steel sub-frames and ultra-light carbon fiber panels. The light-weight body structure was a distinctive target in the engineering of the car.

The RaceAbout 2005 was designed and assembled by Finnish automotive engineering and design students at the Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia and at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Valmet Automotive has been a major partner in the project.

Valmet Automotive continuously cooperates with research and educational institutes. This lays ground for future innovations and promotes the development of local automotive industry knowledge. At the same time it ensures the availability of well-skilled engineering workforce also in the future.

Technical Features

LAYOUT Two seater, mid-engined roadster

CHASSIS Riveted aluminium monocoque. Over 2000 aircraft-type rivets. Lightweight and high torsional stiffness. Stainless steel subframes. High-strength steel roll-over structures

BODY Body panels are detachable and are made of carbon composite material. Very lightweight, appr. 30 kg. Manufactured using different techniques. Pilkington Lamino heated windshield

INTERIOR Carbon composite panels. Leather upholstery. Sparco sport seats. 4-point racing safety belts. Aluminium housings

SUSPENSION Double wishbones in the front and rear. Custom-made Koni shock absorbers, adjustable bump and rebound. Blade-type adjustable balance bar in the front. Possible to adjust roll, pitch and yaw centers

ENGINE Saab turbocharged, all-aluminum straight four. Engine displacement 1,998 dm3. Custom-made Intercooler. Free flow air filter. Kemira Metalkat twin-catalyst exhaust system and one silencer

POWERTRAIN 5-speed manual gearbox, Torsen-type differential lock

BRAKES Ventilated 295mm AP-racing brakes. Four-piston aluminium calibers. Adjustable brake balance

FUEL SYSTEM Aluminium tank, located inside monocoque, behind seats. Tank volume 42 liters. Collector tank to ensure fuel delivery in transient states. Collector tank volume 1 liters.

WHEELS Kosei K1 Racing 17″ x 7″

TYRES Nokian Tyres Z / Front: 205/50-17 / Rear: 225/45-17

RoadSnoop© tyre pressure -monitoring system

Weight 795 kg
Length 3,850 mm
Width 1,730 mm
Height 1,060 mm
Wheelbase 2,375 mm
Track 1,435 mm
Ground clearance 100 mm
Max. Power 200 kW / 5200 rpm (-05 spec.)
Max. Torque 420 Nm / 3600 rpm (-05 spec.)
Top speed 235 km/h (limited)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h < 5 s