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2006 Hamann 599 GTB Fiorano Gallery

The latest is a complete tuning package for the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, already hailed as one of the best GTs of all time. Hamann has tweaked an extra 53 horsepower out of the Fiorano’s Enzo-derived engine, bringing peak power up to 673 hp, by fitting its own custom header. And in case the wail of the Fiorano’s V12 just wasn’t cutting it, Hamann also fitted its own exhaust.

The aerodynamic package was already unveiled back in December. It includes a custom front lip spoiler, side sills (for “a significantly more muscular appearance”), plus an extra spoiler on the roof and an additional rear wing. Styling aside, the 599 spent a significant amount of time in the wind tunnels at Ferrari and Pininfarina, shaping the body and underbody for optimal aerodynamic efficiency and balance, but Hamann strapped on their own three-piece diffuser, in addition to the extra spoilers, just in case the pros got it all wrong. All the bolt-on pieces are available in either fiberglass or carbon-kevlar.

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