2006 Saab Aero X Concept

2006 Saab Aero X Concept

2006 Saab Aero X Concept

Geneva, February 27, 2006 – Saab broke the ice tonight on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show by creating a Scandinavian atmosphere to reveal its stunning Aero X Concept car at the GM Premiere Night.

The Aero X is an exciting sports coupé that harnesses the power of Saab’s aircraft and Scandinavian design roots. Its innovative features include an aircraft-style cockpit canopy, eliminating the need for doors, and a 400 bhp, twin-turbo, V6 BioPower engine fuelled by pure bioethanol, giving zero fossil CO2 emissions.

This two-seater sports coupe breaks with design convention both outside and inside. First, there are no doors or windshield pillars. That’s because the Saab Aero X adopts a cockpit canopy, just as you would see on a jet aircraft. It offers the Aero X pilot full 180 degree vision

Inside, the cabin utilizes techniques derived from Swedish glass and precision instrument making to display data in graphic 3-D images on glass-like acrylic ‘clear zones’, eliminating conventional dials and switches.

Thrust for the all-wheel-drive Saab Aero X also comes from a powerplant with a difference. The 400 bhp, twin-turbo, BioPower V6 engine is fueled entirely by bioethanol, a sustainable energy source that is kinder to the environment by cutting fossil CO2 emissions.

With weight-saving carbon fiber bodywork, a lightweight powertrain, electronically-controlled suspension and all-wheel drive, the Saab Aero X is an exciting driver’s car that promises a level of performance to match its looks. Computer simulations anticipate zero to 100 kph in just 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 kph (limited).

Anthony Lo, Director of Advanced Design GM Europe, who led the Aero X design team, said: ”This car is what you get when you allow designers to take Saab´s rich heritage and dream. But the Aero X is much more than that – it’s a canvas to explore the potential signature cues for Saab’s next generation product portfolio.”

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In Detail

submitted byRichard Owen
engineBioPower V6 w/Dry Sump Lubrication
aspirationTurbocharger w/Variable Geometry Turbine
valvetrainOHC, 4 Valves per Cyl
fuel feedInjection
power298.3 kw / 400 bhp @ 5000 rpm
bhp/weight266.67 bhp per tonne
torque500 nm / 368.8 ft lbs @ 2000-5000 rpm
body / frameCarbon Fibre body over Steel Monocoque
driven wheelsAWD
front tires265/30-22
rear tires325/25 -23
front brakesVented Discs w/ABS, EBD
f brake sizex 380 mm / x 15.0 in
rear brakesVented Discs w/ABS, EBD
r brake sizex 380 mm / x 15.0 in
front wheelsF 55.9 x 22.9 cm / 22 x 9.0 in
rear wheelsR 58.4 x 29.2 cm / 23 x 11.5 in
steeringRack & Pinion
f suspensionDouble Wishbones w/Coil Springs, Elec Adj Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
r suspensionMulti-Link w/Coil Springs, Elec Adj Dampers, Anti-Roll Bar
curb weight1500 kg / 3307 lbs
wheelbase2795 mm / 110.0 in
front track40615 mm / 1599 in
rear track1579 mm / 62.2 in
length4675 mm / 184.1 in
width1918 mm / 75.5 in
height1276 mm / 50.2 in
transmission7-Speed Auto
gear ratios:1
top speed~250 kph / 155.3 mph
0 – 60 mph~4.8 seconds