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2006 Volkswagen IROC Concept

Comeback of a successful idea: 33 years ago at the international Motor Show in Geneva Volkswagen presented the Scirocco. The car struck the nerve of the times: More than half a million first generation Sciroccos were produced worldwide. Turning point: In August 2006 the largest car maker in Europe is showing the reinterpretation of the successful Scirocco idea in a world premiere – the Iroc concept.

New VW sports car design: Like the first Scirocco with its visual straightforwardness the Iroc also marks a stylistic turning point through its progressively designed radiator grill and a distinctive sensuality of forms. The concept of both Volkswagens is closely related, even though the vehicles are separated by over three decades: The first generation Scirocco was an attainable dream car for many people. Because the Scirocco was an automotive superstar of the 70s, styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro and equipped with four full-fledged seats, a proper trunk, large hatchback and a lot of self-esteem. The Iroc concept takes up this fascinating idea again.

With its short overhangs the Iroc efficiently utilizes a wheelbase of 2,680 mm for the space provided inside. The concept is 1,400 mm high, 4,240 mm long and 1,800 mm wide. The light-alloy rims specially designed for the Iroc and 235 tires are implemented in 19 inch size.

The Iroc is powered by a TSI engine, referred to in-house as a Twincharger. Shifting tasks are handled by the DSG direct shift gearbox. The TSI version used in the concept achieves 155 kW / 210 hp.

As outlined, the Iroc is a four-seater. Behind the wide open (and attached just as wide in the roof) hatchback a spacious trunk with over 300 l of storage volume is concealed. The level corresponds to the original Scirocco. The trunk capacity can also be greatly expanded by folding down the back seats. The resulting flat loading surface and the folded down seat backs feature guide rails onto which a multifunctional transportation lock system can be integrated.

The extremely sporty orientation of the Iroc concept is also reflected par excellence in the interior. Under the auspices of the uniquely conceived design theme an interior was developed that was uncompromisingly harmonized for potential racing use. And this at the racing car level as the front bucket seats with integrated 5-point seatbelts and central lock already show. However, the focus of the design lies on gauges and controls. Two large and completely newly designed round instruments form the visual center and highlight of the cockpit.

On balance the provocatively designed Iroc combines a high degree of suitability for daily use, pure driving fun and expressive design into a Volkswagen that as a possible series-production vehicle will also be very attractively positioned in terms of price.