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Gumpert Apollo Sport Gallery

2007 Gumpert Apollo Sport Gallery

The Apollo Sport is no daily driver. It looks like a Transformer. Hard and violent looking edges and angles, it is pure aggression. We love it. Gumpert certainly knows how to scare pedestrians.

A clear demonstration of the principle “form follows function”, it skates between the “can be used on the road” and “racetrack monster” line very carefully. Yes, this is basically a street legal racing car, whose number one priority is to provide extraordinary performance on the circuit, but at the same time could be driven every day (if you were crazy enough to do it).

The gaping air intake stub over the roof and on the rear signals power, dynamics and superiority. The eight cylinder, bi-turbo mid-engine with up to 800 horsepower is capable of catapulting this 1200 kg missile from 0-100 km/h in only 3 seconds.

The apollo sport is equipped with an extended aerodynamic package and, in contrast to the three part spoiler of the apollo, possesses a racing wing which gives even more down force and pushes the Apollos’s maximum speed up to 360 km/h.