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2007 Sbarro Cruise Crosser Concept

2007 Sbarro Cruise Crosser Concept

2007 Sbarro Cruise Crosser Concept

06 March 2007-Citroen has teamed up with the world famous Espera Sbarro School to develop the remarkable Cruise Crosser all-terrain concept car. A vehicle to tackle the roughest possible road and weather conditions, the Cruise Crosser will be unveiled on the Espera Sbarro stand at this year’s Geneva Motor Show (06-18 March).

Based on Citroen’s first SUV, the C-Crosser, that will also make its world debut at Geneva, prior to going on sale later this year, this new concept features three axles and six wheels to provide outstanding traction to tackle even the harshest of off-road conditions.

The Cruise Crosser invokes the spirit of the early 1900s when Andre Citroen,
the Company’s founder, captivated the world with a series of adventurous automotive expeditions across Africa and Asia, including the first motor crossing of the Sahara
in 1922.

Despite its imposing looks, the Cruise Crosser also displays strong green credentials. To minimise its impact on the environment, a hybrid drivetrain combines a conventional diesel engine with an electric motor located under the rear floor to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And when the electric third axle is used alone, it is even possible to drive silently in ‘Zero Emission Vehicle’ mode.

With its intense orange body work the Cruise Crosser is hard to miss, while the large red compasses located on either side of the vehicle reinforce the cars ‘go anywhere’ attitude. The vibrant exterior colour scheme is echoed throughout the interior, in the contours of the leather seats in rows one and two, on the dash and on the door panels.

The spacious Cruise Crosser has enough room at the back to provide extra seating, with a removable third row, or to create a vast loading area to carry equipment. The tailgate design makes loading easier, sand boards are stored at the rear to help extricate the vehicle from any tricky situations, while step plates on either side of the car offer easy access to the rear compartment. The Cruise Crosser also features an advanced satellite navigation system and DVD player to make long journeys more enjoyable.