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2007 Suzuki Kizashi Concept

2007 Suzuki Kizashi Concept

10. August 2007 – Suzuki unveils the progress of the new project, a concept car called the Concept Kizashi, at the 2007 IAA Frankfurt show.

Kizashi is a Japanese word meaning prelude or foretaste. The name symbolizes the change within Suzuki.

The Concept Kizashi represents Suzuki’s passion for challenges (this is a major aspect of Suzuki’s corporate culture), its future direction, and the competitive strengths that are unique to Suzuki.

To fulfill this mission, the design theme for the Concept Kizashi is a dynamic athlete in motion. This is because its D-segment ideals are summed up by the attributes of a great athlete: dedication to sporting challenges, physical strength that comes from hard daily training, a honed physique with no superfluous weight, and the presence and dignity of a champion.

Suzuki made a particular effort to express the car’s credentials as a highway athlete:

1. Overwhelming presence that breaks the D-segment mould

The body brings to mind the lean, muscular physique of a top-class athlete, and a strongly protrusive front end communicates a dignified character.

2. An energetic look that immediately gives an idea of the car’s dynamic performance

Large wheels and wide treads express a capacity for high performance. The bonnet shape hints at abundant engine power. And the body hints at aerodynamics that enable the car to punch through the air while firmly gripping the road.

3. A sense of character and status befitting Suzuki’s flagship car

The detailing of individual parts gives a sense of exquisiteness and quality.
The Concept Kizashi is a clear sign of the great things to come from Suzuki as the D-segment initiative continues to take shape.