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2008 Lightning GT

2008 Lightning GT

2008 Lightning GT

The Lightning car company is proud to release one of the UK’s first electric sports cars for 2008.

Combining classic, British sports car design with racing car technology and state of the art NanoSafe™ battery power and Hi-Pa Drive™ electric motor innovation, the Lightning has been developed with exhilarating performance front of mind. Whilst its head-turning looks will appeal to the most discerning of drivers, unlike other sports cars, the Lightning is also easy on the conscience. With virtually no polluting emissions, this energy-efficient car uses clean technology and will have the ultimate green rating. Following production of several petrol Lightnings and with the electric prototype build now well underway, the electric Lightning GT is now available to pre-order.

Electric vehicles have maximum available power at the wheels at any speed, unlike a petrol engine where maximum power is only obtained high up in the rev range. To deliver this power to the road the Lightning will use electronically controlled traction control which negates wheel spin and unbalance in the power being applied.

The stunning performance of the Lightning GTS will likely surpass almost all large engine high performance sports cars in the 0-60mph range. The sensation of harnessing power and performance will be felt by the sheer exhilaration of the power pushing you back in your seat as the car accelerates.

Because there is no engine, the Lightning has a maintenance-free motor with just a few parts and together with the control electronics and special batteries, will not need anywhere near the servicing of other sports cars.


Until now, battery technology has hindered electric vehicle innovation. In 2000, US company Altairnano Inc. established a research programme to create an ultra safe, high power battery using cutting-edge Nanotechnology. The result of their hard work is the NanoSafe™ battery.

SAFER – NanoSafe™ batteries use nano titanate materials instead of graphite which makes them far more thermally stable – there are no toxics or heavy metals used in NanoSafe™ batteries.

Hi-Pa Drive™

Hi-Pa Drive™ from PML Flightlink Ltd. is a revolution in motor technology and it’s a British innovation to boot! With its integrated motor and drive electronics in one single unit it produces an ultra high power density – up to 20 times more than conventional systems.

The compact, energy-efficient, electric wheel motors produce unrivalled levels of torque with internal heavy-duty tapered roller bearings that can withstand heavy radial loads for robust use. Yet they achieve the power to weight ratio important for the performance sports car capability of the Lightning.

Other features include total weather proofing, total energy transfer and several levels of redundancy, so any single failure will not prevent the vehicle from operating safely.

Hi-Pa Drive™ has recently become the choice of Volvo who has incorporated it into its ReCharge concept, launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show towards the end of last year.

In Detail

type Series Production Car
engine In-Wheel Hi-Pa Drive Electric Engines
power 522 kw / 700 bhp
body / frame Carbon Fibre & Kevlar Body over Tubular Spaceframe
driven wheels TCS
wheel type Forged alloy wheels
front tires Cooper Zeon 2XS 245/40R20
rear tires Cooper Zeon 2XS 245/40R20
front brakes Regenerative Braking w/ABS
rear brakes Regenerative Braking w/ABS
front wheels F 50.8 x 19.1 cm / 20 x 7.5 in
rear wheels R 50.8 x 19.1 cm / 20 x 7.5 in
steering Rack & Pinion
f suspension Double Wishbones w/Coil-Over-Shocks
r suspension Double Wishbones w/Coil-Over-Shocks
weight distro 48 % / 52 %
wheelbase 2590 mm / 102 in
front track 1669 mm / 65.7 in
rear track 1669 mm / 65.7 in
length 4445 mm / 175 in
width 1940 mm / 76.4 in
height 1200 mm / 47.2 in
0 – 60 mph ~4 seconds