2008 Riley Mk XX

In 2008, Riley updated their Daytona Prototype chasis which had dominated Grand-Am racing since the car’s inception. The Mk XX builds on these successful seasons which won from 2004 to 2007.

Developed in part with Siemens the new model is vastly improved with a new body that provides better aerodynamics. This includes a new angle on the front nose and an improved greenhouse that yields “minimal pressure variations” .

Riley sell their car for Pontiac, Ford, Lexus, BMW or Porsche engine installations. With a customer supplied engine, each car costs $405,000 USD.

Riley says the the “MkXX comes completely assembled, aligned, leak checked, and ready to shake down from Riley Technologies. The customer supplies the engine, fuel management system, and data system. An engineer and assembly technician from Riley Technologies will attend the first test.

Story by Richard Owen