2009→2009 SDR Sportscars V-Storm

2009→2009 SDR Sportscars V-Storm

2009→2009 SDR Sportscars V-Storm

The car itself is mid-engined, and is based on a unique modular chassis concept that allows flexibility in the design to accommodate a number of powertrain packages. Designed using advanced CAD techniques, the chassis is a hybrid that uses a combination of a spaceframe style tubular structure, and stressed steel panels to provide a structure that is both stiff and light in weight.

To deliver a stunning statement of it’s functionality, the car leaves most of the chassis on view, with it’s open wheels individually guarded by cycle type wings. The result is a car that has stripped back feel to it, delivering the technical bare essentials look most often associated with motorcycles. The vestigial bodywork whilst designed to deflect wind provides an experience very much connected to the elements, and keeps weight minimised. A variety of colour schemes and finishes are available including a carbon fibre option.

We are not content to stand still with body design, we are working on a circuit package aimed at those who take their track days very seriously or who want to race the car. This package will focus on the aerodynamics, with front and rear wings, clear side panels and a rigid tonneau to enclose the passenger seats.

There will be more body options for the road too.
1. A removable hard top incorporating a full screen is in the pipeline.

From a drivers perspective you sit right in the middle of the car, with your view completely unimpeded to the front or either side, delivering the feel of a single seater and allowing you to focus on the job at hand – driving!
Your passengers are set slightly behind you, and to each side giving them room to stretch their legs.They too have a clear view of the road ahead to gain maximum effect from the experience. The car is designed so as not to have a compromised and cramped cockpit with the occupants squeezed in – the designer is 6’4″ tall and wants to be able to enjoy the car too!

Motive power for the initial version of the car comes courtesy of the exotic V-twin Aprilia RSV1000 superbike.

This engine is compact thanks to its V-twin configuration and delivers punchy performance with stunning top end power . It also has great low and mid range grunt as it carries a fatter torque curve than many of Japanese fours that are more commonly used, We are planning car powered variants too.

In Detail

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typeSeries Production Car
production years2009 – 2009
released atStoneligh Car Show
built atEngland
valvetrain4 valaves per Cyl
fuel feedInjection
displacement997 cc / 60.84 in³
power106.6 kw / 143 bhp @ 13500 rpm
specific output143.43 bhp per litre
bhp/weight190.67 bhp per tonne
torque101 nm / 74.5 ft lbs @ 11000 rpm
body / frameSteel tubular and folded sheet hybrid, separate rear sub-frame for powertrain
driven wheelsRWD
front brakesdisc
rear brakesdisc
front wheelsF 45.7 x -1.0 cm / 18 x -1.0 in
rear wheelsR 45.7 x -1.0 cm / 18 x -1.0 in
f suspensionFr-double wishbones pushrod operated aluminum coil over dampers
r suspensionRr-double wishbones pushrod operated aluminum coil over dampers
curb weight750 kg / 1653.75 lbs
transmission6 speed sequential shift, cushioned drive to rear differential, electric reverse
top speed~228.48 kph / 142 mph
0 – 60 mph~4.8 seconds
0 – 100 mph~9.1 seconds