2009 Camaro SS, and the Best Camaro

Today, Chevrolet released the first images of their pre-production Camaro SS. This 422-horsepower muscle car will butt heads with the other retro-styled Shelby Mustangs and Dodge Challengers already on the road.

While the Camaro has always lagged behind the Corvette in terms of prestige and performance, back in 1969 there was one option which reversed these roles. Motivated by NHRA and the ¼ mile, the central office issued a special order of 50 Camaros with the potent ZL1 engine.

Producing nearly 500 bhp, this all-aluminum V8 was initially prepared for Chapparal’s Cam-Am racer, but found it’s way into the Camaro. Only 69 were such equipped and each are the holy grail among GM Collectors. As an example, RM auctions sold an original ZL1 for $465,000 at their 2003 Toronto Classic Car Auction.

Today we examine the ZL1, its father Fred Gibb, and wonder if Chevrolet might make a modern equivalent to this vintage supercar.