2009 Pebble Beach Concours

For this year’s Pebble Beach show we have assembled our most daring gallery yet. With such a high quality of entrants we could easily single out any car with great interest, but we cannot delay anymore and now present our Pebble Beach gallery with over 1000 organized images.

For 2009, Pebble focused on Bentley in a big way. For the first time, the release of the Mulsanne on the ramp marked an international debut during Sunday’s concours. This was joined by four more Bentley classes including a works competition class that had Old Number 1, 2 & 3 plus all four Birkin Blowers and the 2003 Le Mans-winning EXP. There has never been a more impressive display of the British marque.

Bugatti was also given two classes for their centennial year. We have pictures of the repainted Dubos Coupe and a gorgeous Blue and Cream Bugatti Atalante. Morgan was the third major theme. They had the very newest Supersports alongside a replica of the very first car called the 1909 Morgan Runabout.

All the cars in all the classes can be found in our feature gallery. Over the coming days we will add even more material from different photographers. Some of the best shots came from Thursday’s Tour d’Elegance where we captured many of the cars down California’s Highway 1.