2010 Villa d’Este

Last weekend’s Villa d’Este had the challenge of bringing together the best 50 cars to represent a century of automotive design. Most of these came from the classic era, but a section was reserved for modern prototypes. Whatever the organizers brought out, they couldn’t lose with the historic backdrop of Villa d’Este’s Grand Hotel and its elaborate gardens.

The most anticipated car of the prototype class technically wasn’t even a prototype. Zagato of Milan brought out their TZ3, a fully-functional race car inspired by the TZ2 which they had built back in the sixties. This was displayed alongside several modern cars, many of which debuted earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show.

BMW has been a long sponsor of the show, but this year they went the extra distance. Along with the debut of their Kamm Coupe, BMW brought out almost every sports car they’ve made. Included was every iteration of the 328 which was the benchmark of performance both before and after WWII.

Our feature of Villa d’Este comes to us complements of Dirk de Jager. He was able to capture the main event on Saturday at the Grand Hotel and the public event at Villa Erba for our feature gallery. The people’s choice award went to the fabulous A6GCS Gran Sport you see here.