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2012 Lamborghini Aventador

Today Lamborghini is revealing details of the new drive train that will power the Murciélago’s replacement. Codenamed L539, a new short-stroke V12 displaces 6.5 liters and is good for 700 bhp. This is designed to work with a robotized transmission known as ISR which reduces shift times well below the outgoing E-Gear.

The new model is set to debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor show is currently being shown at private functions around the world. After being previewed in Singapore and Germany, we know that the new name is Aventador and it can only be ordered with a 7-Speed ISR gearbox. One of the best features of the Aventador is its fully carbon-fiber monocoque.

Today we can only present images of the Aventador’s drive train until the official pictures are released. It leaves us wondering what other cars might use this engine in the future and whether or not we will see it in motor sports.