2013 Vencer Sarthe

Vencer Sarthe

Vencer started with the development of a niche and completely new sports car. Internally this secret-project was better known as “#1”. After approaching the end of the project we gave the car his final model-name “Sarthe”.

The Vencer Sarthe is an exclusive hand-built 2-seater sports car. The basis of the car is a hybrid space frame chassis, made of high grade tubular steel, with chrome-molybdenum safety structure and rear sub-frame. The floor of the Sarthe consists an aluminium honeycomb structure. This combination of materials and techniques results in a lightweight, super strong and rigid chassis.

For a low total weight and optimum safety, the body panels are made of lightweight carbon. The moulds used for these parts are precisely CNC manufactured to ensure the highest possible surface quality and accurate measurements.

The 8-cylinder engine is placed behind the driver, in a mid-engine configuration. The engine is directly bolted onto the 6-speed transaxle gearbox. Due to this configuration the car has a very balanced weight distribution of 45% front and 55% at the rear.

The “double wishbone” construction with shock absorbers, suspension, and anti roll bar, will ensure a pure and direct vehicle control without additional electronic interference. Only ABS and EBD are present to properly support the driver in difficult and unsafe situations.

Sitting in the leather sports seats you will have all the necessary information displayed on the wide LCD screen. This screen is perfectly positioned in the middle of the beautifully designed dashboard.

To ensure a comfortable and optimal driving experience, the Sarthe is equipped with an efficient climate control system. Of course, electric windows, in-car entertainment, central locking, and alarm are standard. On customer request the car can be equipped with additional features.

Summarized, the Vencer Sarthe is an unique and powerful sports car for ultimate driving pleasure. It will be produced in a very limited number.


In Detail

typeLimited Production Car
built atHolland
power375 kw / 502.9 bhp @ 6000 rpm
bhp/weight361.8 bhp per tonne
torque650 nm / 479.4 ft lbs @ 4700 rpm
body / frameCarbon Fiber Body
front tires245/35/19 Vredestein Ultrac Vorti
rear tires295/30/20 Vredestein Ultrac Vorti
front brakesDiscs w/6-Piston Calipers
rear brakesDiscs w/4-Piston Calipers
front wheelsF 48.3 x 21.6 cm / 19 x 8.5 in
rear wheelsR 50.8 x 27.9 cm / 20 x 11 in
curb weight1390 kg / 3065 lbs
weight distro45 % / 55 %
wheelbase2791 mm / 109.9 in
length4515 mm / 177.8 in
width1984 mm / 78.1 in
height1190 mm / 46.9 in
transmission6-Speed Manual
tran clutchTwin Plate 240mm
top speed~326 kph / 202.45 mph
0 – 100 kph~3.8 seconds
fuel capacity55 litres or 14.52 gal.