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2015 BMW 740Le

2015 BMW 740Le

2015 BMW 740Le

The forward-looking character of the new BMW 7 Series is further underlined by the inclusion of three new additions to the model line-up: the BMW740e,the BMW 740Le and the BMW 740Le xDrive. In the case of the plug-in hybrid models, it’s not just the Carbon Core for the passenger cell that is rooted in the know-how gleaned from the development of BMW i cars, but the BMW eDrive powertrain technology as well.

The intelligently controlled interaction between a 2.0-litre petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and an electric drive unit integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic transmission endows the BMW 740e with astoundingly dynamic acceleration on the one hand and noticeably lower consumption and emissions figures in everyday driving on the other.

While producing a total system output of 240kW/326hp, the luxury sedan returns a combined fuel consumption of 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres (134.5 mpg imp) in the guise of the BMW 740e and BMW 740Le (BMW 740 Le xDrive: 2.3 litres / 122.8 mpg imp) or a combined electric power consumption of 12.5 kWh (BMW 740Le xDrive: 13.0kWh). CO2 emissions come in at 49 grams (BMW 740Le xDrive: 53 grams) per kilometre (provisional EU test cycle figures for plug-in hybrid vehicles, may vary depending on the tyre format specified).

The energy for the electric motor is drawn from a lithium-ion high-voltage battery housed underneath the rear seat where it is particularly well protected in the event of a crash. It can be recharged by connecting to any standard domestic power socket or a BMW i Wallbox, as well as at public charging stations.

The eDrive button on the centre console lets the driver adjust the hybrid drive’s operating mode. In the AUTO eDrive basic setting, the engine’s power is boosted to notable effect by the electric drive when accelerating or during quick bursts of speed. With the MAX eDrive mode engaged, meanwhile, the BMW 740e and the BMW 740Le are able to run purely on electric power, meaning zero local emissions, at speeds of up to 120km/h (75mph) and for a maximum range of 40 kilometres (25 miles, BMW 740Le xDrive: 37 km / 23 miles).

The driver is also able to select the Battery Control mode, which raises or maintains the high-voltage battery’s state of charge as required. In this way, electrical power can be deliberately conserved for all-electric driving later in the journey. Whenever route guidance is active in the navigation system, the predictive power management function calculates a journey-specific strategy for electric driving through to the entered destination.

The standard specification for the BMW 740e, BMW 740Le and BMW 740Le xDrive furthermore includes an auxiliary heating and ventilation system, which is powered by electricity from the high-voltage battery or from the mains supply while charging.

In Detail

type Series Production Car
body / frame Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Plasic, Alumimum and Steel Monocoque
front brakes Vented Discs w/4-Piston Fixed Calipers
rear brakes Vented Discs w/4-Piston Fixed Calipers
f suspension Double Track Control Arm Axle
r suspension Five-Link Axle w/Steering Function