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2021 Brings a New SVE Yenko Camaro with 1050 Horsepower

1000hp Was Not Fast Enough, Give Me the Other 50

Last year, SVE brought us the 2020 Stage II Yenko Camaro, which was a beast in its own right with 1000 tire screeching horsepower. From my experience, after hitting the 800-900 horsepower mark you reach a point of firm diminishing returns where the R&D and cost to gain 10 extra horse just isn’t worth it.

Luckily, Specialty Vehicle Engineering is here so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Leave it to the muscle car experts and you can be sure they’re going to squeeze every last drop of Murica’ available from the powerplant.

This year, they’re bringing an extra 50 horse to tip the scales at a total of 1050 horsepower (1000 last year), coming from the supercharged 6.8L GM LT1. Time for some engine stuff: The extra 50 horse is stemming from some upgraded heads and fuel system; while the 4340 steel crank, forged pistons, ARP main studs, larger throttle body, high flow LT4 cylinder heads, and a number of other parts are being re-used from the previous year.

The upgrades don’t stop at the block though; this year SVE has gone for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Super Car 3 tires to help communicate 1050 RWD horsepower with the pavement since big engines and roads often don’t speak the same language. The car also features a number of new color options and accents that can be found throughout the vehicle.

The Yenko Camaro is sticking to the suit of manufacturing a total of 50 units to the wallet-shattering tune of $120,490 (that is including the $37,500 Camaro 1SS cost). The extra horse we get from last year’s model will come at a slightly higher cost though, as all things do. To be fair, $120k isn’t unbelievable when taking into account the other options available on the market in that price bracket. Trust me, if these blog posts paid me $5k each this would be one of the first vehicles I’d buy.