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Stunning 761bhp Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 Has Arrived (with video)

Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488GTB

NOVITEC‘s latest tuning package is here, and this time the Ferrari 488 GTB is the lucky subject. With a 761bhp turbocharged V8 and an aggressive NOVITEC bodykit and wheel package, this 488 is one hell of a machine. 

It isn’t like the Ferrari 488GTB is underpowered, but the guys at Novitec still went to work on finding an addition 86 hp from the turbocharged V8. The increased power comes from upgraded engine management software and a new Inconel exhaust system.

To maximize real world performance, suspension components and tailor made wheel and tire combinations are designed to provide maximum contact with the road. It wouldn’t be NOVITEC if they didn’t also upgrade interior and other options in an array of carbon fiber.

Engine & Exhaust Upgrades

The in-house developed performance gains are the heart of the NOVITEC program. The team’s first attempt at the 488GTB engine management system was really successful when you consider just how advanced the 488GTB is already.

novitec 488 GTB

NOVITEC exhaust systems are characterized by using the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and powerful sound characteristic. They are available as individual performance optimizing components with our without flap regulation. The custom tailored tailpipes give the rear end of your vehicle a more aggressive and finished appearance.

Wheels & Tires

NOVITEC wheel and tire combinations are the perfect application for maximum contact with the road. The wheel and tire sizes are matched directly to each vehicle so there is never the need for any adjustment to the original vehicle set up and programming.

The design of each wheel fits perfectly and uses the factory tire pressure monitors and center caps. NOVITEC wheels are made exclusively for Ferrari only.


NOVITEC suspension and chassis technology offers many different possibilities. The engineers have thought of you and your needs in every way. We offer everything from a spring kit to reduce the height of the vehicle, a complete suspension system that is fully adjustable with detailed specifications and parameters. Your driving comfort and performance are at the forefront of our development.

novitec 488 GTB


Shape and design of the individual aerodynamic components are based on extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve the optimal aerodynamic form and function. In the development of these components, there is also a lot of emphasis placed on the aesthetics of the individual parts so that the visual design accents do not drastically change the fundamentals of the vehicle.

Finding a design that not only enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle, but optimizes the aerodynamic function as well, are the two main goals of the construction of our body parts. The NOVITEC aerodynamic program accomplishes these goals in the wind tunnel of the Research Institute for Motor.

novitec 488 GTB

In this special facility, the driving behavior of the vehicles can be reproduced at different velocities. The tests are performed by a simulated velocity of 140km/h. Each part of the NOVITEC aerodynamic program has been tested not only piece by piece, but also in conjunction with each part that we produce to maximize aerodynamic performance. The lift caused by an increase in velocity can be reduced by accurately calculated and developed NOVITEC aerodynamic parts. This design and research deliver optimal driving stability and performance at the highest velocities.

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