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992 Porsche 911 GT3 RS MR Spotted Testing at the ‘Ring

Manthey Racing delights enthusiasts with the ultimate treat on Halloween

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They’re at it again. They’re at it again.

It never really was a secret that the latest 992-gen GT3 RS would eventually be subjected to the internationally renown and Nürburgring approved ‘MR’ treatment. The more pressing question is how the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS could possibly be improved upon from its radical factory form. I mean, it already has all the fixings that even the most daring aftermarket tuning companies could hope to achieve—active aerodynamics, outrageous styling, and record-breaking performance, just to name a few.

Manthey Racing‘s latest rendition of pinnacle road-going performance comes in the form of a substantially modified version of Porsche’s most revered street-legal track weapon. Despite some arguably pointless attempts to camouflage its silhouette with a disorienting wrap job, there are certain features that simply cannot go unnoticed by the naked eye.

For starters, there’s an even larger rear wing which appears to extend higher up than the original and is sandwiched between two enormous—and very obviously not OEM—end plates. Videos of the test mule in action, clearly indicate that the active aero system is retained, though we’re not sure if it piggy backs on Porsche’s original software or if this is a Manthey exclusive. In any case, MR adopters don’t have to worry about forgoing one of the best features of the new GT3 RS.

Now, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room—what is that giant fin on the roof?! Of course, it’s not an antenna for picking up extra radio frequencies, but it definitely contributes to the overall aerodynamic performance as is seen on high-level race cars like the Porsche 919. Other smaller and less conspicuous air deflectors have also been added to the car to achieve a desired level of balance and efficiency. The carbon aero discs for each of the rear wheels are also called upon again to assist with this.

Appearances aside, we should expect Manthey Racing to follow the original playbook when it comes to other areas of the car, serving up more aggressive braking components and a renewed KW suspension collab to become the foundation on which the GT3 RS can perform better and achieve faster lap times than what was possible before. In that same vein, Manthey has traditionally done without much, if any, tinkering when it comes to the engine and drivetrain, instead focusing on refining the car’s handling dynamics. We also anticipate that the 518 hp GT3 RS will remain virtually unchanged in this regard. There might be some measure of weight reduction too, mostly by way of a set of MR magnesium wheels—another quintessential Manthey item.

Based on the cost of the MR package for the ‘regular’ 911 GT3which already starts at a whopping $57,300—we expect an even higher price tag for the RS version given the additional (and much more elaborate) hardware. Despite this meaning that tacking on the MR goodies will most likely take your typical 992-gen GT3 RS build into the $300K USD price range all said and done, this is unlikely to phase owners who are looking for that extra advantage at the race track—and one that is certified by the OEM, for good measure. We’ll be sure to provide coverage of the official release, once it’s available. Stay tuned.